How To Buy A Mattress Online (The Impartial Guide)

How To Buy A Mattress Online (The Impartial Guide)

We’re back with another video for you looking at: The 5 things you need to consider when buying a mattress online.

In today’s mattress world you don’t need to visit a showroom to buy a mattress. The problem with a showroom is that you lie on a mattress for just a few minutes and this doesn’t tell you if it’s going to be the right mattress for you. It takes weeks and months for your body to adjust.

So, take a look at buying online and make sure you consider these 5 things.

1. Look for a sleep trial.

These trials give you 30, 60 and sometimes even 100 nights to make sure you’ve made the right choice.

If it’s not right for you then they should collect it and refund you in full.

2. A good quality mattress should last for 8-10 years.

Most reputable retailers should offer a guarantee that covers the manufacturing and quality of your mattress.

 3. What’s inside the mattress?

Take a look at the layers in the mattress.

It should really have at least 1200 or more pocket springs and if your budget allows then look for natural fibres rather than memory foam.

4. Can you flip the mattress?

Mattresses that allow for flip and turn almost always contain higher quality fillings.

It’s no turn mattresses that normally loose that supportive feeling much quicker so avoid a mattress you can’t flip.

If you can’t flip your mattress, you’re effectively halving the life span of it!

5. Price.

Lots of online retailers offer discounts and promotions. Look out for newsletter and mailing lists on their website that let you sign up for offers.

Don’t be afraid to email and ask if they have any upcoming promotions.

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