Accreditation for mattress manufacturers?


Everyone should be accountable for the products they create and sell to customers. As well as holding a royal warrant for supplying Her Majesty The Queen, Glencraft is also a member of the National Bed Federation.

The National Bed Federation (NBF) is the industrys voice nationally and globally. 

The NBF sets out a wide range of criteria and paramaters that manufactureres must adhere to when creating mattresses. This ensures that it's members all meet their strict industry standards. 

The NBF will also take a role in investigating members where serious concerns are raised against them. 

Every Glencraft mattress is produced to the standard required by the NBF and we remain an active member of the mattress manufacturing community. 

Glencrafts membership of the NBF helps to further reassure our customers of the quality and standards we work to when creating their next luxury mattress

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