Glencraft is a not-for-profit social enterprise, with a mission to ensure the sale of every hand-crafted mattress and bedding product creates a positive impact on the lives of all its employees, customers, and the wider community. Using the experience we have accrued since we first opened our doors in 1843, we use only the finest natural materials in the construction of our luxury mattresses, ensuring that you sleep well in the knowledge that all the materials we use come from sustainable sources and are fully recyclable.

Following the Care Instructions below will ensure it gives you many years of comfortable service


When you initially receive your mattress, it may feel firm. This is due to the natural fillings being puffed up and packed tightly inside the mattress and packaged tightly for shipping. Over time, the natural fillings will become looser and will have a softer feel. Please allow time for the natural materials to respond to your personal body shape and sleeping style. This process can take 6 - 8 weeks with regular nightly use and you can expect settlement of 2 – 3cm. This is normal.

Due to the airtight packaging materials, please leave your mattress to air before making into the bed for the first time.


  • Use a high quality mattress protector, such as those available from Glencraft
  • Alternately turn and flip your mattress regularly. Do this every month for first year of ownership, then every 3 months thereafter.
  • Brush the surface of mattress regularly.
  • Keep the mattress flat at all times.
  • Air the mattress on a weekly basis.
  • Allow the mattress sufficient time to dry thoroughly from any accidental spills.


  • Fold, bend, roll or drag the mattress.
  • Sit on the edge of the bed regularly.
  • Stand or jump on the mattress.
  • Use the mattress in conjunction with anything but recognised good quality base.


  • Ideally your mattress should be cleaned every 3 months.
  • Gently vacuum your mattress with the soft furnishing attachment.
  • It is recommended to not wash, launder or dry clean the mattresses as they are made from 100% high quality natural materials.
  • To remove stains, use a textile cleaner or furniture foam
  • Do not soak or apply stain remover directly to the surface of the mattress. We recommend spraying the cleanser onto a clean cloth and then blotting the stained area with the cloth.
  • Please do vacuum the bed base, underside of the mattress and the floor under and around your bed as dust can accumulate.


  • Flip the mattress 180 degrees so that the sleeping surface becomes the bottom surface.
  • The rotation is done by swapping the ends, head to toe.
  • Massaging the mattress sleeping surface by hand from time to time helps to retain an even consistency in the comfort layer.

The sewn on handles are intended to help rotate and position the mattress while lying flat on the divan base. Handles sewn to the mattress are NOT designed to support the full weight of the mattress and you would risk damaging the border upholstery.

Revised November 2022