Glencraft is one of the oldest known mattress manufacturers in the United Kingdom. It's an enterprise that has strived to craft the highest quality products.
Founded in Scotland, the company has manufactured mattresses in the North East for 180 years.
"Providing Dignity through Work is at the core of Glencraft and it's the individuals and families that work with us that have made us who we are."
Constantly evolving but continuing to honour the materials and methods from our heritage.
Selecting natural materials that provide comfort and support. Ethically and responsibility sourced across our product ranges
'The Highest Quality Raw Materials, Ethically Sourced'
While the processes have evolved, our passion for manufacturing has endured the test of time.
Even today our mattresses are still handcrafted in our factory in Scotland.
We are incredibly proud of our Royal Warrant.
Glencraft has had the privilege of supplying 4 generations of the Royal Family
"Supplying 4 Generations of The Royal Family"
Craftsmanship is a word we take very seriously. Individuals who have dedicated their working lives to master their skills
Our people make us who we are
We wouldn't be who we are without our loyal and dedicated team. Individuals like Jennifer, who retired after more than 45 years and Colin, with 40 years, of passionate work with Glencraft.
The Future
Glencraft continues to receive support and recognition from The Royal Family, Prestigious Hotels and our loyal family of customers. We look forward to welcoming you to Glencraft.
As we now look forward to the next 180 years...