Firm Feather Pillows

Product Description
Our firm-feather-pillows are made up with extra duck feathers to provide even more support than our standard pillows. All three are useful for extra support when sitting up in bed. Firm-pillows measure 18" x 27" (approx).

Pillow Type Standard Duck Feather
Density Medium/Firm
Filling Duck Feather
Weight 1.5K

Pillow Type Firm Duck Feather
Density Firm
Filling Duck Feather
Weight 2K

Pillow Type: Extra Firm Duck Feather
Density Extra Firm
Filling Duck Feather
Weight 3.2K
Pillow Type

Mattress Size Guide:

Mattress Size
3’ x 6’ 3‟ x 10” (91cm x 191cm x 26cm) 
Small Double
4’ x 6’ 3” x 10” (122cm x 191cm x 26cm)
4’ 6” x 6’ 3” x 10” (137cm x 191cm x 26cm)
5’ x 6’ 6” x 10” (152cm x 198cm x 26cm)
Super King
6' x 6’6" x 10” (183cm x 198cm x 26cm)
Emperor 7' x 6'6" x 10" (213cm x198cm x 26cm)



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