Winter Warmer Bundle

Product Description

Stay cosy this winter with our Winter Warmer Bundle!

Choose from a 9.0 Tog, 10.5 Tog or 13.5 Tog Duvet and Match with 2 pillows in Soft, Medium or Firm!  All in 300 thread count luxury cotton.

Featuring one of the best synthetic fills on the market, our Dacron® Comforel® ECO duvet can be washed repeatedly and the filling does not clump due to its ball fibre nature. 

Gathering in soft clusters, it closely replicates the feeling and handle of natural down and is perfect for those that do not want a feather or down filling.

Designed to imitate the indulgence of natural goose down this is a man-made, non-allergenic alternative. Its high quality fibres match the sought-after insulation of a down duvet with the added benefit of being long-lasting, even withstanding repeat washes.

Tog Rating
Duvet Size
Pillow Firmness (48cm x 74cm)

Mattress Size Guide:

Mattress Size (Width x Length)
3’ x 6’ 3‟ (91cm x 191cm) 
Small Double
4’ x 6’ 3” (122cm x 191cm)
4’ 6” x 6’ 3” (137cm x 191cm)
5’ x 6’ 6” (152cm x 198cm)
Super King
6' x 6’6" (183cm x 198cm)
Emperor 7' x 6'6" (213cm x198cm)