Why We Use Alpaca In Our Mattress

Compared to Merino Wool, Alpaca fleece is warmer, 85% better at moving moisture away from your body and it is more friendly for the environment. It is also  antimicrobial, which can help prevent germs.

Alpaca fleece is considered to even be softer than cashmere as it has no barbs, making it a finer fibre. It's also better for the environment as it just needs to be washed with eco-friendly soap before having it spun. 

Keeps you warm

Alpaca fleece is actually warmer than wool. This is due to the fact that Alpaca fibres are hollow whereas wool has pockets of air throughout. The hollow alpaca fibres allows for warm air to fill up which provides extra warmth and keeps you cosy.


Alpaca fleece is classed as hypoallergenic as it doesn't contain any lanolin and it doesn't get processed with any environmental allergens which helps make it stay hypoallergic.

One of our mattresses that has a layer of Alpaca inside is The Sovereign.