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Product Description

This extra deep, hand crafted, open coil spring mattress has a firm feel. Body weight is evenly distributed to alleviate stress on the spine, relieve pressure points and help to maintain posture. The structured edge and foamed corners provide additional support to the depth and the four layer insulation mix maintains the structure and integrity of the mattress.

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13.5g open coil spring
9g rod edge support
4 comfort layers (on each side)
Fabric: Viscose/Cotton/Polypropylene
6 handles Double & King
26cm depth
Turn regularly
 Made in Scotland - UK sourced materials
100 Night Guarantee - Free Exchange or Refund  

Estimated Delivery - Within 3 Weeks

£510.00 £600.00

Mattress Size Guide:

Mattress Size
3’ x 6’ 3‟ x 10” (91cm x 191cm x 26cm) 
Small Double
4’ x 6’ 3” x 10” (122cm x 191cm x 26cm)
4’ 6” x 6’ 3” x 10” (137cm x 191cm x 26cm)
5’ x 6’ 6” x 10” (152cm x 198cm x 26cm)
Super King
6' x 6’6" x 10” (183cm x 198cm x 26cm)
Emperor 7' x 6'6" x 10" (213cm x198cm x 26cm)



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