Sustainability Policy

Glencraft is committed to improving our environmental and social performance, and to implementing best practice to minimise the environmental impacts of our operations.

The Policy applies to all employees and contractors, both full time and part time. It will be shared with suppliers to demonstrate and indicate best practice.

This Policy formalises our commitment to the principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. It recognises that sustainability is central to our organisation and the lives and work of our employees.

Internal and external framing
We are committed to accelerating the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy and to reducing the impact on the environment from our operations. We recognise that, as a manufacturer of bedding products, our activities impact the environment principally through:

· Materials used in making our products
· Machinery and hardware
· Energy
· Transport

Glencraft has a long history of social responsibility, since 1843. We focus on people whose circumstances mean they might be excluded from the workplace. This evolved from our original focus on people with visual impairments who, of course, remain integral to Glencraft.

In demonstrating our commitment, we will:

· Promote responsibility for the environment within the organisation and communicate and implement this policy at all levels within the workforce so that all are aware of their individual obligations.

· Assess the environmental and social impacts of our operations and set objectives and targets annually to improve our performance continually.

· Provide adequate resources to meet our commitment to this policy.

· Comply with all relevant environmental legislation/regulation.

· Take environmental considerations into account in our procurement.

· Report our environmental and social performance in our annual report.

· Encourage all suppliers, customers and other key stakeholders to commit to improving environmental and social performance.

· Reduce our use of energy and minimise waste by reduction, re-use and recycling.

· Maintain Glencraft’s commercial performance, so we can continue providing employment and development for all our employees, which is the main direct social impact we have.

· Maintain accreditation as a Disability Confident employer and encourage our suppliers and customers to achieve the same accreditation.

· Maintain an inclusive working environment, supporting our view that no one need be “left behind”.

· Invest in skills, continuing our history of fine craftsmanship.

Our employees will:

Be familiar with the environment impact and requirements relevant to their own role and take responsibility for their own impact.

Responsibility and review

This Policy was adopted on 24th February 2024. Donald MacKay, Chief Executive, is responsible for its implementation. It will be reviewed annually with the Board at the same time as the annual report is made.