Glencraft Lands First Retail Contract in North America

Glencraft has recently finalised its retail partnership contract in North America.

The agreement, anticipated to generate a significant annual turnover for Glencraft, has been solidified with Inform Interiors, a renowned high-end furniture retailer headquartered in Canada. With its roots as a not-for-profit organisation in Aberdeen, Glencraft has be empowering people with disabilities for over 180 years.

Inform Interiors will proudly showcase Glencraft’s Sovereign and Heritage mattresses, popular luxury mattresses within the brand’s Luxury Collection. Additionally, Inform Interiors will display Glencraft’s range of luxurious mattress toppers, meticulously crafted from layers of all-natural sheep’s wool, including the Lowlander Comfort topper and the Highlander Comfort topper.

These premium products, alongside Glencraft’s Sovereign and Heritage mattresses, will be prominently displayed in Inform Interior’s showrooms located at 97 and 50 Water St, Vancouver, allowing customers to make in-store purchases. Established in 1963, Inform Interiors operates as a family-run enterprise specialising in furniture, lighting, and home accessories sourced from global manufacturers.

Donald MacKay, managing director of Glencraft, expressed, “This milestone contract with Inform Interiors marks a significant stride forward for Glencraft in the international market, reinforcing our commitment to delivering quality luxury products globally.

“We look forward to a successful collaboration with Inform Interiors and are encouraged by the positive reception already received in the Canadian market to Glencraft’s exceptional products.”

Michael Hanos, senior design and sales executive at Inform Interiors, remarked, “The inclusion of Glencraft’s exquisite mattresses and toppers in our collection aligns with our dedication to offering discerning customers the epitome of comfort and style. We very much look forward to continuing our working relationship with them.”