Mattress Size & Firmness


Mattress Size & Firmness

When selecting your Glencraft Mattress, it's important to ensure you choose the correct level of Firmness. Firmness is determined by a combination of pocket spring tension, density and the layers of natural fabrics.

Most commonly, a medium firmness will provide the perfect balance of support and comfort. The ideal firmness depends on how the mattress is made, sleeping position, body shape and ambient temperature.

Please note, if the internal measurements of any bed frame differ from the standard sizes listed, Glencraft can't be held responsible in the event of the mattress not fitting.

Due to our mattresses being bespoke and hand-finished, no two mattresses are identical and come with a variance tolerance of 2cm.

Please provide any detail in the contact form provided.

Looking for a custom size mattress? Use the contact form to request a custom size before ordering.

Mattress Size Guide:

Mattress Size

90cm x 190cm

Small Double
120cm x 190cm
135cm x 190cm
150cm x 200cm
Super King
180cm x 200cm
Emperor 200cm x 200cm


Mattress Depths 

- Merida              25 cm

- Marcliffe           25 cm

- Sandman          30 cm

- Monarch           25 cm

- Sovereign         27 cm

- Heritage           26 cm

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