Sandman Signature Hotel Luxury Mattresses

Sandman Signature Hotel Luxury Mattresses

Sandman Signature Aberdeen Hotel "We had a gorgeous Corporate King Room. The room has everything to make your stay just perfect. The King sized bed has a mattress by Glencraft which I guarantee you will sleep like a baby on."

We took some time to speak with the head housekeeper about why Sandman Signature Hotels choose Glencraft mattresses.

"I would say that sleep in a hotel is one of the most important factors because if they don't get a good nights sleep they will never come back.

We get lots of great comments regarding the beds, size of the rooms and the decor. When we were choosing the beds I remember we had so many different sample from manufacturers. I had worked with Glencraft before so it was really nice to be able to use them again.

The quality of the mattresses and beds is excellent. You do find a lot of the guests will comment on the beds and we've actually had guest asking where they can purchase them from.

We look forward to inviting guests to stay and have a wonderful night's sleep at The Sandman Hotel.

Sharon Cardi - Head Housekeeper, The Sandman Signature Hotel

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