Choosing Your Perfect Mattress: Pocket Spring or Coil Spring?

Choosing Your Perfect Mattress: Pocket Spring or Coil Spring?

Choosing a new mattress can seem like a daunting experience with so many options to choose from. Some research will likely lead you to conclude that a sprung mattress is the most suitable basis for a quality and durable mattress, and then the decision is between a pocket sprung mattress and an open coil sprung mattress. These are the two main types of spring designs used in mattresses, and knowing the difference between them can help to ensure you choose the product that is correct for your comfort needs and budget. 

What is an open-coil spring mattress?  

The use of open-coil springs (sometimes also known as Bonnell springs) dates from the 19th century and provides a cost-effective foundation for a sprung mattress.  The individual coils are formed from high quality steel wire and are typically hourglass shaped. The coils are then connected with a helical wire, and a rod-edge perimeter added, to create the final spring unit. This method of construction ensures a robust and lightweight construction, which distributes weight evenly across the mattress.  

A weakness of the open-coil spring design is that distribution of weight across the mattress can cause pressure points at hips and shoulders. Additionally, they do not allow for motion isolation between two partners sleeping on the same mattress, and over time, the contact between the spring and connecting helical wire can cause annoying squeaks.  

Despite these drawbacks, it is an effective way to construct a comfortable budget mattress. 

What is a pocket spring mattress?  

A pocket spring mattress is designed using individual springs encased in a fabric pocket. These pockets are then stitched together to form a complete mattress unit. The springs are made from a high-quality steel wire, and due to being encased in its own fabric pocket, each spring responds independently to the weight and shape of your body. This provides individualised support and pressure relief where you need it most as well as helping to reduce sleep disturbance from you partner 

Why we recommend pocket spring mattresses at Glencraft  

As well as the benefit gained from the individualised pocket springs moving independently from each other, this type of mattress unit is also, generally, more durable. As the springs are individually coiled within their own fabric pocket, the unit is less likely to become misshapen or worn over time.  

Temperature control is also important for a good night’s sleep and the design of the mattress unit, as well as the fabric, plays a key part in this. The fabric pockets allow the air to flow within the mattress, which can help you to better regulate your body temperature. They also prevent the build-up of moisture and odours within the mattress.  

Due to the high level of durability, quality, and comfort of a pocket spring mattress, this type of design can often be found in luxury hotels. Glencraft has been handcrafting luxury pocket spring mattresses in partnership with luxury 5-star hotels for many years, and some of these designs are also available within Glencraft’s Luxury Collection. 

These mattresses typically contain a high number of pocket springs, complemented with high-quality filling fabrics and materials for added comfort and luxury. For example, Glencraft’s The Monarch Mattress, has a double layered 3000 pocket spring design and is handcrafted with layers of horsehair, merino wool, alpaca wool, and cotton, which provides another way to control body temperature when sleeping by moving moisture away from the body. 

Choosing what’s right for you 

Choosing your perfect mattress really depends on your budget and how you like to sleep. Whilst a pocket spring design is undoubtedly the superior option with its additional comfort and support, and the added benefit of motion isolation, open-coil spring mattresses are generally more affordable.  


If you’re still not sure which mattress to get, visit our showroom and try out our range of luxury mattresses, for all budgets. Our sleep experts at Glencraft will be on hand to talk you through all our handcrafted products and answer any questions you might have. 

Want to know more? Check out our YouTube video on The Differences Between Coil Spring & Pocket Spring Mattresses. 

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