Issues with Memory Foam

Issues with Memory Foam

Hey Ross here from Glencraft and today we’re back with a another video to look at the problems with memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam is everywhere in the mattress world. It’s a cheap material that feels comfortable at first. It has some clever properties but it might not be the right choice for you. So how does memory foam work?

When you lie in bed the heat of your body causes a chemical reaction within the memory foam. This makes the foam shape into an imprint of your body. It’s a novel feeling at first and you will feel supported, however for most this feeling won’t last.

The problem is that the memory foam is very slow to respond and return to it’s original shape and it can’t deal with heat well.

Because the memory foam reacts to heat it can feel too hard when it’s cold and not supportive enough when it’s warm. It’s also very bad at dealing with heat. The heat and moisture just builds up, resulting in you having a bad night sleep. It’s a little like being stuck in damp sand.

So what’s the solution? Natural fibres and natural latex layers deal with heat much better. Materials like horsehair and natural latex are breathable and actually move moisture away while you are sleeping.


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