Expert Mattress Advice


How good is horsehair in a mattress?

Horsehair is the ultimate natural material to use in a mattress. If you look at the top end Savoir, Vispring, Hastens or Glencraft mattresses you find that they all use horsehair as a key breathable layer in their design.
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Best mattress for a side sleeper?

Side sleepers will generally find that a medium/firm mattress will provide the perfect level of support while they sleep. 

A firm mattress may create pressure points and pain for a side sleeper and should be avoided unless you suffer from back aches and pains. 

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How do you decide what firmness you should have?

Choosing your mattress firmness should not be something to worry about. But there is often a lot of confusing and conflicting mattress information. Luckily there are just 4 things you need to consider...

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How long should a mattress last?

Every mattress and manufacturer of mattresses is different. But we always advise that your mattress should last for at least 8 years and be guaranteed for it's quality for 10 years.

Too hot when I sleep

This is a common problem for individuals sleeping on memory foam mattresses. Many of these foam mattresses tend to retain heat which means you end up feeling very hot while you sleep. 

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How to clean a mattress?

Start by vacuuming your mattress to remove any obvious debris, dust and dirt from the surface. Spot cleaning a mattress is an effective way to deal with any small marks. Using a special fabric cleaner, a small amount of soapy liquid