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Most ethical mattress choice you can make

The support we receive from our clients is incredible. They know how proud we are about the luxury mattresses we create and in turn they are proud to support this historic business.

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How good is horsehair in a mattress?

Horsehair is the ultimate natural material to use in a mattress. If you look at the top end Savoir, Vispring, Hastens or Glencraft mattresses you find that they all use horsehair as a key breathable layer in their design.
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Best mattress for a side sleeper?

Side sleepers will generally find that a medium/firm mattress will provide the perfect level of support while they sleep. 

A firm mattress may create pressure points and pain for a side sleeper and should be avoided unless you suffer from back aches and pains. 

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How do you decide what firmness you should have?

Choosing your mattress firmness should not be something to worry about. But there is often a lot of confusing and conflicting mattress information. Luckily there are just 4 things you need to consider...

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How long should a mattress last?

Every mattress and manufacturer of mattresses is different. But we always advise that your mattress should last for at least 8 years and be guaranteed for it's quality for 10 years.

Too hot when I sleep

This is a common problem for individuals sleeping on memory foam mattresses. Many of these foam mattresses tend to retain heat which means you end up feeling very hot while you sleep. 

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