The Most Expensive Mattress In The World

The Most Expensive Mattress In The World

Hästens has been dedicated to manufacturing mattresses of the highest standard. The Vividus really is the pinnacle of their range and a mattress where comfort and support is guaranteed - but at what price!

At $150,000 or around £120,000 this behemoth costs around as much as an Aston Martin DB9. And with celebrity owners including David Beckham it's no wonder it's popularity is rising amongst the elite.

Mattresses like this have become a reality because of an increased focus and understanding behind the 'science of sleep'. And if that phrase is new to you then take a crash course from someone who has taken a real journey into discovering how sleep influences every aspect of our lives.

Under The Sheets

So what's the secret behind this mattress? Is it the Swedish pine frame? The box spring unit? Or layers of cotton and wool? Well the star of the show is horsehair. Its a natural fibre that we constantly talk about because of it it's ability to control moisture and therefore temperature in a mattress. And in the Vividus there is a large amount of horsehair!

If you take away only one thing from the most expensive bed in the world it's the importance of choosing a mattress that contains horsehair. 

Find out more about how horsehair is used in a mattress

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