Memory Foam vs Pocket Spring

Memory Foam vs Pocket Spring

Hey Ross here from Glencraft and today we’re back with another video for you about a question we get asked here a lot…   

Whats the difference between a memory foam mattress and a pocket spring mattress.

In the majority of todays mattresses you’ll find the main support is delivered from one of two options. These are either - memory foam or pocket springs. So which one is right for you, foam or pocket springs AND….does it even matter.

Memory foam is everywhere right now, its cheap, its comfortable at first and it has some clever properties…but it might not be the right choice for you!

So just how does memory foam work?

When you lie in bed the heat from your body causes a chemical reaction within the memory foam and this makes the foam shape into an imprint of your body. The problem is, temperature and ventilation play a vital role in sleep.

Foam mattresses don’t allow for the circulation of air. Thick layers of foam act as an impassable barrier next to your body It causes the heat and moisture from our bodies to build up and and just remains there right next to your skin.

Because the memory foam reacts to the heat, it can feel too hard when its cold and not supportive enough when its warm. On the other hand, pocket springs offer more support and ventilation than foams do.


They have a more open structure than their foam counterparts which allows air to circulate more freely. Also, the individual springs that make up the mattress are housed in their own little pockets and work independently of each other.

So when I compress them the movement is isolated to that specific area of the mattress. Overall, a pocket spring mattress will allow you to have a cooler, more comfortable and undisturbed sleep.

Preferably, look for one that has natural layers above and below the pocket springs.

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