Premier Inn Mattress

Premier Inn Mattress

The launch of Premier Inn mattresses placed a focus on what's under the covers in their hotel rooms.

But would you want it in your home? 

Premier Inn has Hypnos mattresses, who are an experienced and reputable mattress manufacturer. Like Glencraft, they hold a Royal Warrant.

There's been a lot of Premier Inn Hypnos mattress reviews, good and bad.

Priced between £360 - £630 (at time of publish), it's a very affordable Hypnos mattress. But the design is simple compared to their more expensive mattresses. The hotel mattress has 1,000 pocket springs, hypoallergenic fabrics and a wool topper. You wouldn't expect more than that, for that price.

If you want a luxury hotel sleep, in your home: 

Take a look at the mattress from a five start hotel that you can buy for your own home here.


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