What is a Zip & Link Mattress?

What is a Zip & Link Mattress?

Buying a Zip and Link mattress?

A Zip and Link mattress is manufactured by making two separate mattresses and joining them with a very heavy duty zip system. This literally zips the two together down the centre of the mattresses.

What are the benefits of Zip and Link Mattresses?

Zip and Link can be very useful if you require a large King, Super King or Emperor mattress but have limited access into your home. The two mattresses can be brought into the house individualy and then joined when in place in the bedroom.

Zip and Link also allows customers to purchase a different mattress firmness for each side of the bed. If one person prefers firm and the other medium then these can be ordered to suit. 

A good quality zip and link design should mean that the customer does not notice any gap between the mattresses.

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