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What is a Zip & Link Mattress?

A Zip and Link or  Zip Link mattress is manufactured by making two separate mattresses and joining them with a very heavy duty zip system. This literally zips the two together down the centre of the mattresses.

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Sag?

Memory foam sagging and the feeling of a sinking bed or sagging mattress is a very common problem for many people. Not all memory foam mattresses will sag but many do fail overtime as the foam begins to breakdown.

What is a Bonnell spring mattress?

Bonell Springs or Coil Springs are the oldest spring technology that will be found in modern mattresses. The springs were revolutionary when they were first introduced. 

Premier Inn Mattress

Premier Inn mattresses placed a focus, for many people, onto what's under the covers in their hotel rooms. But is this the mattress you want to buy for your own home?

It is actually a Hypnos mattress