Tips on How To Put Kids To Bed

Tips on How To Put Kids To Bed

All new parents speak about the joys of parenthood and how it’s a life changing experience. It’s all flower petals and sunshine; but deep down, underneath the motherly smile, lies a sleep deprived mother or father!

And who are the culprits? Kids! Don’t get me wrong, we still love them to the ends of the earth, but we still deserve a good night’s sleep, don’t we?

Nothing affects your sleep more than worrying about your children. Most parents learn the hard way, that  after they have a child, sleep ultimately becomes some elusive precious commodity.

This article is aimed at psychologically preparing you, and it will shed light on the loopholes.


First phase: Birth to 1 year old

This phase is characterised by a “when will I sleep again?” kind of question. As dictated, newborn and infants need enormous attention. Unfortunately, there is no escape and this is the most sleep-deprived period of all time.

Just be patient and loving, it’s never night all the time, and daylight soon creeps in. Employ consistency and naturally the child will learn to put him/herself to sleep independently

Phase two: 1 to 6 years

After the storm of the first phase, it’s time to put that sleep routine to work and stay consistent.

Start it early around the same time each day, but don’t stress about it. Remember the idea here is for both of you to have adequate hours of sleep.

Lots of other issues arise at this stage, like bedwetting and nightmares! There are various, well documented, ways to deal with these.


Third phase: 7 to 12 years

As they become older the better the kids will sleep. It’s mostly about maintaining that routine and ensuring that they actual brush their teeth before bed!

Limiting after-school activities like watching TV, and going out to play late at night will help them fall into a deeper sleep. Remember, if they have homework, we should encourage them to use the time before dinner, rather than just before bed!


Phase four: 13+ years

The dreaded teenage years! As a parent, you will likely have more than one encounter with those dark circles on their eyes. It has been revealed most teens don’t get enough sleep, due to body changes, making them night owls and waking up late the norm. As a parent, it’s another time to lose sleep, with early classes and bulging homework, striving to meet your kids half-way can cost you your sleep.

No matter what age your child is in, you need two things; consistency and persistence.

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