Sleep and Relationships

Sleep and Relationships

Dozing off, during a movie, might be a result of different factors but frustration can be avoided by having some ground rules in place.

Consider Your Partner’s Sleeping Patterns and Habits

Is your partner a night person, a light sleeper or are they sensitive to light? This can help decide as a couple, what times are the best for you to watch TV together.

Set Your ‘Dozing Off’ Ground Rules

If your partner dozes off and this annoys you, you should discuss what happens if they drift off to sleep.

Option 1: The 'dozer' can opt to not sign on for TV marathons.

Option 2: Decide if one of you dozes off, the other partner is to pause the show. You can then resume later.

Option 3: If one dozes off, then the other gets to continue. The 'dozer' can catch up at a later time.

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