Angry When Your Partner Dozes Off During A Movie?

Angry When Your Partner Dozes Off During A Movie?

The one proven way to a strong relationship is constant communication. Whether it’s for big talks about finances, future life goals or sex, to smaller talks such as what to have for dinner or... How to handle it if and when one of you falls asleep while you are watching that new series on TV!

Dozing off might be a result of different factors. Probably that your partner is exhausted from a hard day or week at work or possibly that they are just not up for activities that extend past midnight. Getting mad at them can be understandable. You have been looking forward to this quality time all week or perhaps they asked you to wait before watching your new favourite TV series. Whatever your reasons for losing it, all the anger can be avoided by simply having some ground rules in place.

Consider Your Partner’s Sleeping Patterns and Habits.

First, is your partner a night person or not? Are they a light sleeper or can they sleep through a robbery taking place right in your front room! Are they sensitive to light, so much so that they can’t sleep in front of a TV and so on? Knowing such vital information is key. This way, you can decide as a couple, what times are the best for both of you to catch up on your shows? Do you have to record and watch later or are both of you okay with binge watching at night?

Set Your ‘Dozing Off’ Ground Rules

If your partner is a pathological dozer and this annoys you, it is probably time you had the talk. This simply means that you need to discuss what happens if they drift off to sleep. There are a number of ways to go about it.

Option 1: If the ‘dozer’ knows that they will definitely doze off, they can opt to not sign on for the TV marathon, instead of falling asleep halfway. The partner can then decide whether to keep watching or push it to another time.

Option 2: you can both decide on whether if one of you dozes off, the other partner is to pause the show. You can then both resume at a time when both of you will definitely be able to keep awake for 45 minutes.

Option 3: If option 3 is not okay with both of you, then once both of you commit to watching the show and one of you dozes off, then that simply means that the person who is awake gets to continue. The other can resume and catch up on the show on their own at a later time.

Once you agree on one of these three options, neither of you can get angry as you have ‘The Dozer’s’ Rules in Place!

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