Does Your Partner Have One Foot Out The Bed?

Does Your Partner Have One Foot Out The Bed?

With the crazy changes in weather recently, it is no surprise if you have been struggling with sleep. Rises in temperature are particularly the worst since the heat is harder to control. This is why:

According to a study by neurologist and sleep doctor Christopher Winter, our bodies require cool temperatures of around 18’C for sleep as opposed to when we are awake. Therefore, that should explain why without an air conditioning, summer weather can leave you extremely uncomfortable at night.

This is because from sleep related research, it has been found that cooler environments allow for less awakening during the night and therefore a deeper state of sleep. And taking that sleep is necessary for Optimum Health, deeper sleep will mean better health.


The Sticking-Your-Feet-Out Technique

It is in these warmer conditions that you find yourself employing simple tricks when sleeping to try and keep your body cool. One common habit, according to a survey, is putting one foot or hand out of the covers when sleeping. This trick simply keeps your body temperature cool and regulated.

The science behind this technique is pretty simple. According to an environmental scholar for the National Sleep Foundation, Natalie Dautovich, we need a cool sleeping environment for a good night’s sleep. Therefore, we find ourselves sticking out a hand or foot as this helps cool our bodies. Heat tends to be dissipated faster through the extremities of the body, which are simply our hands and feet.


Why Legs and Hands?

But the other question becomes, why not any other body part? There is no particular reason why it is specifically the hands or legs, and why it is an easier body part to air out. It is obviously easier to air out legs and hands as compared to your stomach or knees! Therefore, the extremities are just a convenient choice.

In the end, however, the sticking-your-feet-out technique may not be the ultimate solution for everyone. It is, however, an interesting concept and an option that actually works! Another trick could be using cool gel pads or pillows to maintain your head and your whole body at optimum temperatures for maximum comfort. Remember, sleep is one of the most important aspects of your life and you should take more time to study your sleeping habits and patterns and know what is best for you.

Most importantly, for those days when a heat wave is making it hard for you to sleep, slip out a hand or foot and you will definitely have a good night sleep!

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