How a SAD Lamp will get you through Winter

How a SAD Lamp will get you through Winter

There are times in the year when sunlight is scarce, and this does not agree with our bodies. We feel more tired than usual and, for some, we do not have the energy to get out of bed. Although this can be explained by the need for more sleep and the bad weather conditions, it does not justify the changes in our mood that often linger throughout the day.

In case you have been experiencing a serious mood change for the worse, perhaps you are suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). This is a type of depression, which affects a lot of people during autumn and winter.

Imagine a place where there is no light. How can you expect to live there? Well, some places are deprived of precious light for the vast majority of months within a year. This is where a SAD lamp steps in and tries to make a difference, fighting off the symptoms of depression. There is a difference between SAD lamps and Dawn Simulators as we can look at:

SAD Light = Medically proven Light Treatment Device designed to treat the root cause of SAD (lack of sunlight). 

Dawn Simulator = A waking device that helps the user wake gently from there sleep (some Dawn Simulators also include a Sunset facility to aid sleep)

According to a range of studies and a rise in popularity these devices are widely reported to make a significant improvement to those struggling to get up in the morning. It is a relatively affordable solution, which offers you the advantages of early morning sunlight when there is none.

How does a Dawn Simulator lamp work?

While the features vary, many dawn simulator SAD lamps have a rise function and a sleep function. These modes will create a gentle sunrise and sunset for you each morning and night. You can decide how long you want your sunset and sunrise to last, with around 30-40 minutes being recommended as the average.

How Can You Use a SAD Lamp?

SAD lamps are widely available buy. They are practical, easy to use and pretty compact so that you can store them away when not using them. In order for the treatment to become effective, you need to expose yourself to the light for at least half an hour daily. 


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