How To Sleep On A Plane

How To Sleep On A Plane

You will toss, turn and coil yourself trying to get that perfect position, only to have a drinks trolley crash into your elbow 3 minutes later. On a long haul flight, getting sleep can be really difficult. If you're in economy, it becomes that much harder. Sleeping on a plane is really like planning for an event! You need to prepare yourself from before booking the flight to the minute you will be woken up at your final destination.

Preparation for the flight

This is vital as it will determine just how comfortable your trip will be.  Window seats next to the emergency exit is one of the best if you're in economy. You will rarely be disturbed, unless of course in the case of an emergence! You have the benefits of a window to lean on, a little leg room and an armrest. The worst situation to be in is the seat next to the bathrooms or the flight attendant station. This is a constantly busy spot and be prepared for interruptions throughout the flight.

Whatever you do, don’t forget the seat position rules of etiquette: the window seat has the window and some of the centre arm rest, aisle seat has an armrest and a little extra leg room, middle seat has two arm rests. This is the international recognised code for airplane seating!

Time To Sleep

When you see a lady dressed in high heels, a mini pencil skirt and tight blouse boarding a 20-hour flight, she is either in first class, a hostess or a first timer. When in a long flight, dress appropriately. This narrows down to a clean pair of socks - your potential neighbour will really appreciate it.



Be armed with a pair of noise canceling headphones, a great playlist and a face mask (just in case your neighbour is one who reads). Don't always rely on freebies, they may not be the best despite the airline.

Take a neck pillow with you. These cleverly shaped pillows allow you to rest you head back or to the side and drift off to sleep - without your head landing on your neighbours shoulder!

Monitor your sugar and caffeine intake prior to a flight. If you just chugged a mug of coffee before boarding, sleep will probably be the last thing you’re seeking. Hydrate to condition your body to the perfect napping conditions, do not overdo it though, and remember the guy right outside the bathroom. Consider him as next time it might be you!

Buckle goes over your blanket to minimise interruption from the hostesses, and to prevent the blanket from slipping off every time you take a deep breath. Keep a couple of snacks and water right next to you.

And one last tip. Dress smart and ask for an upgrade at Check-In. You can always change back into your comfy clothes when they send you away empty handed!


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