Offshore Chooses Glencraft Luxury Mattress

Offshore Chooses Glencraft Luxury Mattress

Concern has been voiced regarding the potential impact fatigue and performance impairment has on offshore workers, making injuries and accidents more likely on these dangerous and demanding jobs. Poor and interrupted sleep also puts you at risk of serious health problems.

Shift work, extended working hours and alternating shift rotas has the potential to impact the safety of the individual, their colleagues and the rigs/platforms. It can even provide a significant safety risk when driving home, once onshore.

Glencraft has worked hard to create a luxury offshore mattress, Crib 7 under BS 7177 : 2008, which is believed to be the first of its kind in the UK. Designed to help with the challenging offshore lifestyle and help revitalise, energise and refresh offshore workers for both night and day shifts. It aims to improve both their mental and physical wellbeing by providing a quality mattress, for a quality sleep.

Having such a sound understanding of the energy sector and its stringent requirements, our mattresses are continually tested to ensure we're in compliance with all legal requirements.

Operators and major service companies in the North Sea have already turned to us to help their people get a good night’s sleep.

Since 1843, we've been manufacturing the finest, luxury mattresses. All our beds and mattresses are built from the highest quality materials, which are handcrafted by our skilled craftspeople, many of whom are disadvantaged.

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