Put An End To Back Pain

Put An End To Back Pain

A mattress plays a very important role in reducing and in many cases curing back pain.

A third of our lives is spent in sleep and as such you might be surprised what buying the right mattress can do for your back. A mattress that is of poor quality can be the cause of backaches and pains which result in a bad night’s sleep.

A good quality mattress provides your spine with the same familiar alignment it is accustomed to when you are standing up. If your body is resting in its natural position the sleep will be more rejuvenating due to your muscles being in a more relaxed state.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Mattress

Optimum Spinal Support

Seeing as the most common area for back pain is the lower region, even though you may experience discomfort at any point along your spine, ranging from the neck to the hips, it is necessary to ensure your body is laid up flat with steady support and always with a uniformed surface contact. This makes for an even distribution of body weight to relieve strain on the spine.


Firmness or Softness

This is an essential factor because a mattress that is too firm will increase pressure on your body.  A mattress that is too soft forms an uneven surface when you lie on it.

When selecting firmness it’s important to factor your weight. The heavier you are the more firmness you will need. Have a look at this guide

You can also request variable firmnesses in your mattress. This is often the best choice if you and your partner are different weights or one suffers from back problems and needs a firmer mattress. Get in touch to discuss a variable firmness mattress


Turning and Flipping Your Mattress

This can be a very easy prevention strategy for back problems because flipping your mattress ensures that it wears evenly and not just on one side. In the case of a mattress made of natural fillings it’s important that these fillings are plumped up and flipping the mattress helps this.



Mattress usage determines its lifespan thus there is no specific half-life for a mattress but if you find yourself having back pain whenever you wake up, you may need to get a new mattress. Several studies recommend that the majority of mattresses should be replaced after about 7-10 years. A horsehair mattress will last for at least 10 years if turned and flipped as per the manufacturers care guide - many have lasted for 20+ years!


You will often find around 2000 individual pocketed springs in orthopaedic mattresses, which act individually to allow gentle support for the contours of the body. These mattresses are good for treatment of pain and long term orthopaedic support.

Horsehair, once processed for use in a mattress, also acts as millions of tiny springs across the mattress which offers excellent comfort and support for the spine.


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