Sleep Can Give You an Olympic Body

Sleep Can Give You an Olympic Body

How your body looks is, in most cases, determined by what we eat and how active we are. However, most of us do not know or understand how important a role sleep plays in determining how your body looks and overall how fit you are.

Take a case study of two people, both having a dedicated approach, involving regular workouts and eating a balanced diet of recommended foods. However, one has the perfect body while the other one struggles to reach her target. Where might the difference lie? This is where factors like inadequate sleep might come into play. Some of the other possibilities explaining this situation can be:

  • Genetics
  • Laziness or lack of willpower
  • Diet or exercise where one strays from the diet or gym regiment more than the other.

Sleep Affects Your Diet

Research in America, from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, showed 35 % of Americans are sleep deprived. This number surprisingly coincides with obesity statistics, and this only goes on to show that sleep may play an important role in your feeding habits. Lack of proper rest eventually causes you to crave food, and in most cases, which often results in feeding on junk!

Similarly, a research at the University of Chicago found that the body experiences metabolic grogginess in the case of sleep deprivation. This is where your body can no longer use insulin properly. This is dangerous since extra insulin in your body means more fat will end up being stored in different parts of your body. These include around your heart and liver. Such complications lead to obesity and/ or diabetes.

Sleep Reduces Gym Time Productivity

Another downside of inadequate sleep is reduced productivity in the gym. This happens because of two main reasons:

  1. A poor sleeping pattern results in slower wave sleep. This reduces the amount of growth hormone released in the body. The growth hormone is normally responsible for fat burning and anti-aging properties.
  2. In addition, less sleep causes an increase in stress levels and also the amounts of cortisol, a stress hormone,  being produced. This adds onto the reduction of the amount of growth hormone produced and further worsens the situation.

With reduced fat burning and anti-aging properties, your body ends up needing more time to see any visible effects at the gym. This therefore makes your gym time, even less productive.

Choosing to Prioritise Sleep

As you can see from the above, sleep and weight go hand in hand. With conditions such as heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, sleep might just end up doing more for your health and body than just giving you a fresh look in the morning. Get at least 7 hours of sleep daily and take time to know what works best for your sleeping pattern. That way, you might just end up being more productive in the gym, get a better body and an even better life!

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