Why Netflix Is Destroying Your Health!

Why Netflix Is Destroying Your Health!

Many of us observe strict gym regiments and controlled diets. However, what many don't know is your body doesn’t grow in the gym, it actually grows during recovery and it's essential that you make your recovery period a priority, which includes rest and sleep.

Many of us take a lot of time for our workout routine, but not our sleep patterns. Instead, we choose to stay up all night and binge watch a series on Netflix.

Sleep deprivation can actually affect fat-burning and muscle-building. These processes are due to the growth hormone (GH), which is active when we sleep. The more you sleep, the more GH is activated, the more fat is burnt.

Sleeping for under 6 hours daily, can lead to:

  1. Excess insulin in your body, which stores more fat. Insulin response can decrease by up to 30% which has a higher risk of contracting diseases like diabetes.
  2. An increased production of cortisol, a catabolic stress hormone, which has been known to increase belly fat among males.
  3. Your hunger hormone, ghrelin, can be affected and cause you to overeat.

Lack of sleep may also affect our stress hormones, like cortisol, which can make us more sensitive, irritable and teary. This can cause stress at work, home and in your daily life.

Sleep specialists and researchers recommend at least 7-9 hours, daily, for better focus and cognition. You'll also be in a better mood, have a healthier, more muscular and fitter body... if you work out. Take time to understand your sleeping habits to ensure that you get all the sleep you need!

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