Why Netflix Is Destroying Your Health!

Why Netflix Is Destroying Your Health!

In today’s world, fitness is top of almost everyone’s list. With everyone striving to have perfect bodies and a muscular physique. This is why many of us observe strict gym regiments and controlled diets. However, what many may not know yet is that your body doesn’t grow in the gym but it grows during recovery! 

Making Your Recovery Period a Priority

It is essential that you make your recovery period a priority. This simply refers to your rest time and particularly sleep. Many of us take a lot of time for our workout routines, but fail to give any importance to our sleep patterns. Staying up all night is a common practice among so many of us, choosing to binge watch a series on Netflix instead of getting to bed!

Sleep deprivation affects some of the most important post work out processes like fat-burning and muscle-building. All these processes are made possible by the growth hormone (GH) which is secreted when we sleep. Therefore, it is as simple as this, the more you sleep, the more the GH is secreted and the more fat that is burn't.

Inadequate sleep, which is sleeping for under 6 hours daily, can lead to the following three conditions:

  1. Poor insulin resistance, which means you have excess insulin and thus your body stores more fat. Insulin response can even decrease by up to 30%. This brings about a higher risk of contracting diseases like Type II diabetes.
  2. Poor sleeping patterns results in increased production of cortisol, a catabolic stress hormone. Cortisol has been known to increase belly fat among males. Its production can simply be regulated by relaxation and sleeping.
  3. Insufficient sleep can also affect ghrelin, which is your hunger hormone and cause you to overeat.

Sleep and Your Moods

In addition to the adverse effects on your workouts and diet, lack of proper sleep may also lead to risks such as developing acute emotional abnormalities. With stress hormones like cortisol, our emotional responses tend to be more heightened, making us more sensitive, irritable and teary. Such emotional instability can cause stress at work, home and generally in all your day to day social interactions.

Getting Optimum Sleep

Knowing how essential sleep is to your livelihood, how much sleep is enough? There is no exact amount, but sleep specialists and researchers recommend the optimum time to be at least 7-9 hours every day. With that many hours, you will definitely have better focus and cognition, be in better moods and have a healthier, more muscular and fitter body in no time - especially if you are working out! Take time to study and understand your sleeping habits and patterns and this way you will be better equipped to ensure that you get all the sleep you need!

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