Sleep - Where all great ideas come from

Sleep - Where all great ideas come from

Success demands great thinking.

Some think that success is defined by the hours put into work instead of the quality of that work. The quality of the work is directly controlled by how much sleep we get.

Studies have shown (and there are more being carried out than ever before) that successful people and specifically highly productive people at work tend to have a lifestyle where they sleep more than their unproductive counterpart!

This suggests that with sleep, your ability to think and be creative is improved and ideas are executed better. 

Sleep strengthens neural connections

Neuroscientists have discovered that neural connections are repaired or further strengthened when we sleep; this allows our brains to compartmentalise experiences and memories.

Brilliant ideas stem from good thinking

Sleep creates a healthy and rejuvenated mind that thinks independently and innovates regularly,  which are the keynotes of successful entrepreneurs.

With sleep you become more productive

After a good night’s sleep, preferably 7-8 hours, you feel more active and sharp when you wake up making you highly productive with your work and daily activities.

We get more done when we have had a good sleep compared to when we don’t.

When you don’t get enough sleep there is a chronological host of health and mental problems;

  1. The brain gets damaged via brain cell loss and degrading neurones from toxic metabolic byproducts that are usually flushed out during sleep. Sleep deprivation accumulates these toxic compounds.
  2. Stress and depression follow suit when there is prolonged sleep deprivation. This lowers the immune system and increases infection rates of diseases.
  3. Addictions for artificial stimulants. When stimulants are over-consumed, they lead to the brain being over-stimulated and falling asleep becomes troublesome people turn to sedatives like alcohol which is entirely harmful to brain cell development and cellular metabolism.

In the long run, we shouldn’t boast of how little sleep we get because our ingenuity, creativity, confidence and decision-making are enhanced by having enough sleep. Sleep deprivation negatively impacts our focusing ability, mood and cognitive functions, overly referred to as mental performance and functions.

Having difficulty getting the desired 8 hours sleep, worry not, short naps during the day with a comfortable pillow can have an impact on our productive capacity.

Remember good sleep equals productivity which equals success. Check out this article on how sleep can affect your salary!


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