8 small changes for better sleep tonight

8 small changes for better sleep tonight

A good night time routine

Be aware of all the activities you perform before bedtime, which shouldn't include stimulating activities so the body can rest.

Avoid stimulants

Caffeine takes up to 10 hours to leave the body. depending on each person. Avoid caffeine prior to bedtime as it's a stimulant and will keep you awake or disrupt your sleep. Nicotine, which is also a stimulant, should be avoided also.

Alcohol just before you sleep

You may feel like you sleep easier after alcohol, but it will interrupt an important sleep stage for body and brain health and the quality of the sleep will be dramatically affected.

Switch off your screens

The light from mobiles and laptops keep you awake as the body is designed to wake up to light and go to sleep when dark. Looking at bright screens, before bed, tells your body to be alert. Try reducing the brightness to curb the effect of the light.

Adjusting body temperature

Your body temperature drops as you go to sleep, so you can therefore trick the body by changing the temperature. Try having a warmer shower in summer and a colder shower during winter.

Having a mattress that helps control your body temperature, in bed, is incredibly important for a good night's sleep. A horsehair layered mattress will move moisture away from the body to create a microclimate. 

Reduce external distractions

As you prepare to go to sleep, minimise any distractions.

Avoid taking daytime naps

It's essential that the body trains itself to sleep at the end of the day.

Try to avoid stress and worry

Don’t stress out if you haven't fallen asleep yet. Try getting out of bed, do something to relax or calm yourself and then go back to bed.

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