Down & Feather Pillows

Down & Feather Pillows

When choosing a pillow for yourself, you need to figure out which type of pillow is best suited to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Type Of Sleeping Positions

If you tend to sleep on your back you should select a pillow with medium support to nestle the curvature of your upper spine naturally. This will he attain the ideal position for your neck and head.

If you sleep more on your side, it’s better to get a firm or very firm pillow to outline the head, neck and shoulders.

Stomach sleepers should have a soft, fluffy pillow which cradles the head and neck at a relaxed angle to prohibit abnormal turning from side to side.

If you change sleeping positions a lot during the night then your best bet would be a medium density pillow and a softer pillow if you sleep on your back and sides more.

Types Of Fill

Down is one of the most luxury fillings in a pillow. Down pillows are very airy, light and soft. Bundles of down consist of furry filaments which spread out and tangle, forming air pockets. The down is naturally ventilated and it contours excellently to the head and neck. Down pillows are more resilient but more expensive compared to other types of pillow.

Feather pillows are filled with birds’ feathers, which are larger and bulkier compared to down because of the quill which goes down the feather’s middle and has thicker strands attached to it. Feathers are elongated and flattened so you need lots of them to give the same insulation. A down and feather blend gives compactness and great support from the feathers while the down gives the pillow a fluffier feel - a great balance between comfort and luxury.

Why Choose A Feather Or Down Pillow?

Down and feather pillows also provide warmth without being too uncomfortable due to their insulation. It enables them to stay at a comfortable temperature through the night. They are both light and soft in texture enabling the trapping of air. Down/Feather pillows have an airy structure which permits evaporation of moisture like perspiration thus ensuring you are cool and dry.

Things Your Down/Feather Pillows Should Avoid

Moisture is the worst thing for down and you should avoid any type of contact between moisture and your pillow.

Compression over time crushes the down/feathers - it’s important to regularly turn and plump your pillows.

Oils from your skin or moisturisers and face creams will penetrate the pillow casing and be taken up by the down filling this will also lead to yellowing of pillow shells, protectors and cases. Try to wash your face before going to bed to minimise this happening.


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