Why do you sweat the bed?

Why do you sweat the bed?

No, changing your pyjamas in the middle of the night is not normal.

It’s not a topic of conversation that many people like to discuss when searching for new bedding. However, we have compiled some top explanations for excessive night perspiration, and some simple solutions.

Now, we don’t like to state the obvious but it’s worth tinkering around with the tog of duvet you have on your bed, and cracking open the bedroom window before bed to allow the temperature to cool down a few degrees before getting in to bed.

Three expert tips from Glencraft:

  1. Keep your bedroom around 20 degrees (or 68 degrees fahrenheit). Some people may like to have their bedroom cooler than this with a heavier tog duvet, but it’s all about finding whats best for your sleep environment.

  2. Swapping synthetic bedding for natural fibre bedding such as cotton and wool. These natural fibres provide better aeration and take excessive moisture away from the body.

  3. Review your mattress. Mattresses that contain memory foam can absorb and retain heat, causing some people to overheat at night. As mentioned before, natural fibres help to take moisture away from the body and keep air flowing.

Now, if the expert tips above haven’t you keep cool at bedtime, we also have some scientific facts to help with excessive night time sweating.

Wearing natural fibre bed clothes rather than sleeping in the nude helps to keep you at a regular temperature and avoids the need for additional covers or a higher tog duvet.

Ensure you do not exercise to close to bedtime. This is because it takes you body around three to four hours to cool down after a work out. Although we of course recommend a healthy lifestyle including working out, the optimum time to do this is five to six hours before bedtime.

Heartburn can also be a cause of excessive night sweating. Heartburn can be caused by many foods such as spicy foods or high fat foods. Other tips to reduce heartburn at night time include consider eating earlier in the evening and reducing portion size.

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