Halloween in Count Dracula's Castle

Halloween in Count Dracula's Castle
The company AirBnB launched a competition that gives people the opportunity to be in with a chance of spending the 31st of October, Halloween, in Bran Castle, Transylvania – which was the exact inspiration for Count Dracula's castle. As if this wouldn't provide a frightful enough night, the lucky chosen two will have to sleep in coffins.

Greeted at the door by a real descendant of author Bram Stoker, the winners will go on to enjoy a feast by candlelight, before being told vampire stories, to then spend the night in coffins lined with red velvet, just as Count Dracula did. The meal served will be Chicken Paprikash, which was described in the novel.

Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania, is a 15th century fortress, where no one has stayed since 1948. Bran Castle was home to Vlad the Impaler, a prince who was known for impaling his victims, and who inspired Stoker's Dracula character.

In order to enter the competition to stay overnight in Count Dracula's castle, applicants have been asked to share what they would say to Count Dracula if they were to meet him. They have been told there will be no garlic as this can ward off vampires, also they should not wear silver nor try to take mirror selfies, both of which also will repel vampires.

This Halloween stay in an authentic Transylvania castle will be a night to remember for two lucky people, and the accommodation company AirBnB will fly the winners to Romania to enjoy their prize. It is planned that they sleep in coffins, however mattresses will be on hand should they find it just that little bit too frightening.

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