Mind, Body, Soul and Your Next Mattress

Mind, Body, Soul and Your Next Mattress

Your mattress may be the cause of your restless night's sleep.

Reduced Stress and Pain Levels

A soft or old mattress can cause aches and pains in your body due to a lack of spinal support. This can lead to pain and swelling, which disrupts your sleep. This can then result in stress.

Reduced Allergies

Dust mites can build up inside a mattress and cause symptoms resembling asthma or allergies. Try using an allergy-proof topper or vacuuming to remove dust. If it's old, then it's probably time for a new mattress.

Memory Improvement

The brain is very active during sleep, creating memories and processing the day. Studies show people getting enough sleep achieve more.

Spine Protection

The spine needs sufficient rest and support when sleeping. If not, back problems and muscle fatigue may occur. A mattress should support and align your spine so the body can rest. 

Flip your mattress, as instructed, to receive the best support and longevity. 

Reduced Appetite

Lack of sleep has been linked to increased hunger, which can lead to obesity. 

By choosing the right mattress, it sets you up for success in life. If you're not ready to change your mattress, why not take a look at our 8 small changes that you can make to help your sleep tonight!

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