The Sleep Onset Latency Test

The Sleep Onset Latency Test
Sleep deprivation can happen due to a diagnosed condition of insomnia, burning the candle at both ends, going to bed too late and getting up before you have had enough sleep. Whatever the reason, sleep deprivation can have knock on effects on both your body and life; causing health problems, stress, inability to function properly at work, irritability, and even accidents.

There is a way you can use a simple metal spoon to see if you are sleep deprived, and this is called the Sleep Onset Latency Test. A person lies down in a darkened room in the early afternoon, clutching the spoon over the edge of the bed, with a metal tray underneath. They see how long it takes for them to nod off and inevitably drop the spoon on the metal tray. They should then awaken with the noise.

If they've fallen asleep within 5 minutes, they are sleep deprived. If it takes around 15 minutes to fall asleep, this is less severe and should go to bed a bit earlier.

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