The Secret Hotel Sleep Tricks

The Secret Hotel Sleep Tricks

How To Ensure You Get Quality Sleep In Hotels

Most people who travel take it as an opportunity to get some quality rest and relaxation. However, some find it hard to sleep while away due to the unfamiliar surroundings, smells and sounds. Here are some suggestions to help you sleep better while staying at a hotel.

Make your room feel like home

Ask for a room with a bed that’s the same size as the one you have at home when booking a room. Ensure you pack a pillowcase from home so that when you lay your head on down it feels familiar.  The scent and texture of the fabric may make you feel more at home and help you drift off to sleep.

Why not ask the hotel if they have different pillow options to match what you have at home.

Make sure your room or sleeping environment is quiet

You need a pair of earplugs if you are a frequent traveler, but before reaching the point of using them, there are other things to try. First, you can ask to book a room that is far from the elevator and on the top floor. You could also get a room facing a concrete wall and far from any ice machine or housekeeping closet. Book your room directly with the hotel instead of online to ask the hotel which rooms are quietest. Turn the bathroom fan on if you are easily affected by noises so as to introduce some white noise to enable you to fall asleep.

Keep cool

Ensure your room’s air conditioner is working once you get to the room and not when you’re heading to bed. Sleeping naked can eliminate skin irritation and control body temperature helping you get uninterrupted sleep.

Carry out your home routine

Act like you’re home and you’ll feel like you are. Do all the things you normally do at home and your brain may better associate the routine with going to bed.

Make it dark

Even though some hotels are typically in the know about blinds that make the room darker, the slightest bit of escaped light may still interrupt your sleep. Pack a bag with clothespins for pinching the blind closed and a eye blindfold. Roll up a towel and place it under your door to obstruct hallway light.

Turn off your gadgets

Unimportant calls or texts in the middle of the night will interrupt your sleep when you’re moving across time zones and you should try your best to turn off your phone at night. Leave your hotel room number and hotel name with colleagues and your loved ones in case of an emergency incase they need to get in contact in an emergency. This will ensure you get some well-deserved sleep.

We all need more 5* sleep - so try some of these tips next time you are away from home. And if you are really serious about hotel sleep, why not think about trying a sleep retreat!

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